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Patient Testimonials

McMinnville Hearing Center is dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dear Greg,

"Thank you" seems insufficient to express my gratitude for the time you gave with my father, Herbert Sargent, on Friday in repairing and calibrating the hearing aids he received from the VA.  

The knowledge and skill you manifested in your on-the-spot work were superior to any hearing aid service we had previously experienced. This was only surpassed by your kindness and sincerity in assuring that my father departed with his hearing aids working optimally for him. And, honoring my father as a WWII veteran with complimentary service, was compassionately generous.

You have a sign in your office that reads: “Count your blessings.” Please be assured that we count you as a blessing and awesome discovery. We will be sure to pass along your business cards and spread the word of the exceptional expertise and remarkable customer service that Greg Arnone and McMinnville Hearing Center provides.

Please also pass along our thanks and appreciation to Karen who made our wait so very enjoyable for my father. She was most gracious and insightful in providing him with the (war) story to read.  

Thank you, again, for a joyous experience.

Dianne Louise Sargent and father, Herb Sargent

Esther and I have had your excellent service for about 7 years, and you have never disappointed us. When we needed immediate help, you made time available. Times when we were a little discouraged, you patiently encouraged us and pulled us through. Not only have we had special attention when needed, but we also now have a real caring friend. We are looking forward to another year of excellent care and friendship.

Bruce and Esther H.

Over the years, we have found Greg to be honest and truthful; he cares about you as a person, not just someone he can sell hearing aids to. We no longer live close to McMinnville, but Greg is the reason we drive more than 150 miles each way for our hearing care needs. We do and continue to recommend him to anyone who has hearing issues.

Wendall and Susan R.

To anyone who is considering getting help for their hearing problems I cannot express how very glad I am that I finally made the decision to take that step. If asked I would recommend McMinnville Hearing Center. I couldn't have chosen a more friendly, concerned and professional group to deal with. The adjustment to wearing them was easy and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. One of my favorite moments was about a month after I got my hearing aids; we were talking about adjusting them and my husband's comment was "you're smiling an awful lot more than you have in a long time". Thank you Greg and Staff!

Sharon D.

Two years ago after many arguments with my wife as a result of misunderstanding and misinterpreting words, I agreed to have my hearing tested. Interestingly, my hearing loss was in the upper ranges, typically the range for a woman's voice. My wife rested her case. Greg has been wonderfully supportive in assisting my adjustment to the hearing aids, answering questions or concerns whenever a need has arisen. He is determined to help you solve whatever problem comes up, giving you improved quality of life and maximizing your investment.

Michael S.

I have severe hearing loss and have worn hearing aids for many years. I visited Greg Arnone and found him to be the first person that did not want to sell me hearing aids but instead was concerned about improving my hearing. I am very happy with Greg and McMinnville Hearing Center and will encourage anyone that has concerns about their hearing to visit with him. His focus will be on meeting your needs and improving the quality of your life. I can't believe what a positive difference he has been to me and can't thank him enough for his care.

Mark H.

My hearing aids have made such a positive difference in my everyday life. I didn't realize how much I was missing out on and love the clarity and ability to hear the wonderful little voices that share their stories with me every day (I am a librarian). I appreciate your consideration, professionalism and caring attitudes. My family and I are very grateful!

Sharon B.

Mom is so excited to be able to hear and be actively involved in human interaction again. Words cannot express what a difference this has made in her life. Thanks so much for helping make it happen.

Gary C.